Employee Onboarding

Resource Tank Group work with our customers to

  • Define strategic intent and design content : What needed to be communicated and clarified with new joiners to make them feel energized welcome and ready for their journey with your organization. We can take your contents to design to best options to deliver through best channels including classroom workshop, townhall, small group meeting, e-learning, micro-learning, video, email, mobile apps, etc. The key is to align the new joiners with company vision, strategy, values, business model, brand, organizational structure, dynamics, culture and skills & competencies needed.   This will inspire the new joiners to apply and live with company values from Day 1 or even before the Day 1.
  • Develop materials and delivery channels : We help you prepare all materials and build the path as agreed in the design phase. Sit back, relax and focus on other work while we work on this for you. Final products will be reviewed and finalized together with our customers before release.
  • Implement & Deliver : We orchestrate the entire Employee Onboarding, from the Offer Letter acceptance to ensure the new employees hit the ground running in the quicker.
  • Some ideas for an Onboarding Program :

    1.Organization Content that the employees need to familiar with.   For example,  company vision, mission, purpose statement, core values, business orientation, legal and procedural formalities, administrative arrangements, stakeholders and peers and culture familiarization.   This can be in form of e-learning modules.

    2.Induction Program on Day 1  Forget the old-fashion classroom orientation session and make the first day as warm and fun as possible.   You can reflect your culture and working team environment into the design of this day.   Use live-interactions in various forms and activities; with HR, Leadership Team, Department, etc.

    3.Using of Media : Top or Senior Leaders can kick off with short videos to welcome and onboard the employees. Virtual Reality can be incorporated to transport the employees to various offices, centres and manufacturing floors of the organization.   Collaborative tools to connect with team are also good option.

    4.Games : using gamification to create some anxiety and learning about organization.   Plan for scenario based storyboard can be implemented in a game-based learning format where employees can be tasked with a challenge by a senior leader transforming the entire learning journey into a discovery mode.  This can include leaderboard, badges, certificates and points to redeem gifts to increase the engagement level. Assessments and Quizzes can be built to check the internalization of the learning.

    5.Happy Social Sessions  a live-touching fun time with key stakeholders to build the new joiners enthusiasm and answer any queries they might have. This creates a social learning environment along with e-learning or video modules.    This is warm and welcoming forums that can be made interactive to maximize social integration and employee engagement.

    6.Micro-Learning Bites through mobile applications will enhance the learning experience.  These bite size contents increase learning retention and support an effective learning transfer.  It can cover the skills, competencies and knowledge required for the job accountability.  Make it easily digestible chunked up!

    These are just examples.   There are many more options organizations can choose to build their onboarding program.    Each organization have their own unique culture and business values, and those can be transferred to their employees, starting from Onboarding Program.