Employment Branding

What is it like working for you and your company?

In today’s job market, talent becomes ‘competitive advantage’ to most organizations and it isn’t enough for companies to offer a competitive compensation to attract top talent. Good talents are looking to join organizations that essentially serve as an extension of themselves—with aligned values and matched goals and visions for their career.  Is your company’s message compelling enough to bring them to the table and contribute to their best?

Employment Branding covers range of activities that communicate your brand values to your internal human capital – make them feel proud of the company and be ambassador of your company and products to all external stakeholders. Furthermore, they are willing to grow and thrive with the company. The program includes strategic communications to internal audience including current employees and future employees – in whatever ways it take, such as job posting, leadership messages, employee meetings, office branding and environment, culture awareness, etc. Our services can be customized to your requirements.

  • STRATEGIC DESIGN for overall employment brand. We work with you and your leaders to really understand your business challenges before coming up with novel ways to bring your messages to life.

  • EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE : From Job Posting, 1st contact, Job Interview, Feedback, and Onboarding – good design and execution of process will indicate your company’s brand.   We help you design process and tools to communicate your purpose and coach your team to deliver the right messages.

  • ACTIVITY PLANNER/COORDINATOR Sometimes, extra effort, such as events, offsite meeting, or team building may be needed. We can be your resources to ensure the events are well managed and deliver according the objectives designed…and engaging.

  • LEADERSHIP PRESENTATION COACHING. Good design needs good delivery – and it is key. Speakers need to be fully behind the message, aware of the audience mindset and at ease in their own personal style when communicating, whether at live events or in writing. We work with speakers/leaders to fine tune their delivery so they feel invincible when they communicate.

  • CONTENT DESIGN and CREATION : Making IMPORTANT MESSAGES LAND…and LAND WELL. We work with you to define ways that will make your audience aware, listen up and walk away understanding exactly what you want them to understand.

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