UP & Inside Out HR V1

Our products take your organization learning experience to the next level

From end-to-end process, from design to delivery :

  • Employee Onboarding
  • Internal Communications
  • Talent & Leadership Learning
  • Contractor/Customer Orientation
  • Employee Feedback : Engagement, Culture, NPS, Exit

Our Approach : A ‘Co-Creation’ in designing and delivery.

Workflow and Content Design

Totally ‘customer-objectives’ centric.  We take your content and co-design to bring out your best ‘inside-out’ talent value.   Whether it is your core values, philosophy, culture expectations, or business process, it can be embedded.

We offer our expertise in designing workflows, metrics and content using best practices information and learning tools  that work for our customers

Delivery Channels

Powerful learning must offer multiple delivery channels.  We create delivery options that work best for your organizations, including classroom, e-learning, coaching, micro-learning, forums, etc.

Feedback & Measurements

Learning is always an investment.   We develop feedback tools for our customers to help them understand the voice of the organization.   Through professional conduct of data gathering and assessment, we offer neutral and unbiased facilitation and reports.